So there you’ve it – mum’s the word – most likely a product of government spin. Kite/kite-flying – cheque or dud cheque/passing a dud cheque – originated within the 1800s from London Stock Exchange metaphor-based slang, in which, in accordance with 1870 Brewer, a kite is ‘…a nugatory bill…’ and kite-flying is ‘… As a kite flutters within the air, and is a mere toy, so these bills fly about, but are light and nugatory.’ A kite-dropper is a person who passes dud cheques. Cassell’s extra fashionable dictionary of slang explains that kite-flying is the follow of raising money by way of switch of accounts between banks and making a false balance, in opposition to which cheques are then cashed. Holy mackerel – exclamation of surprise – A blasphemous oath from the same ‘household’ as goddam and darn it, and so on. Holy Mackerel dates again at least 200 years and is considered one of very many blasphemous oaths with the Holy prefix.

The hatchet as an image would have been a pure illustration of a commoner’s weapon within the middle ages, and it’s fascinating that the US and British expressions seem to have arisen quite independently of each other in two entirely different cultures. I am grateful Bryan Hopkins for informing me that in the Book of Mormon, a history of the ancient Native American Indians, an episode is described by which a large group ‘…buried their weapons of struggle, for peace…’, which the creator suggests was the practice over two thousand years ago. This is to not say of course that the expression dates again to that age, though it is attention-grabbing to notice that the customized on which the saying is predicated within the US might be very historic certainly. There are so many questions about bottles which are exhausting to answer, and lots of glass firms made bottles with different configurations of markings relying on what sort of bottle it’s. In your case, I can say with certainty that the “14” is a “liquor bottle permit number” (you might google that 4 word phrase…..there’s a list posted online of liquor bottle allow numbers used by numerous bottle-making companies) which was assigned to Brockway Glass Company. The “D-126” is a distiller number, figuring out the distiller of the liquor that was bought in the bottle initially.

I’ve added your bottle to the AB/Connected mold code list. This bottle even has a screw top and for all intents and purposes – it looks like a beer bottle. And if I had to guess, I’d say it’s an old Miller Lite Steinie bottle. Especially since Miller is brewed in Milwaukee, WI. I can’t say for positive, however I would guess your bottle was made by both Illinois Glass Company of Alton, Illinois, or Diamond Glass Company of Royersford, Pennsylvania.

My dad found some whittmore Boston bottles and one of many bottle is misspelled as an alternative of Boston it says botson. I’ve had one I found off a island close carriage town movie theater to Beaufort NC. And I haven’t discovered an in depth picture to it. I additionally found a 1956 old Crisco bottle that was easily identifiable.

Sitting duck – straightforward goal or one thing that is weak or defenceless to attack- a metaphor from capturing area sport, during which a sitting or hatching duck, would be an easier target than one flying in the air. Strangely there’s little or no etymological reference to the quite common ‘sitting duck’ expression. Cassells suggests it was first popularised by the navy in the course of the 1940s, though given the old school formation of the time period its true origins might be a lot earlier, and logically could possibly be as old as using weapons and game capturing, which was late 16th century. The orginal usage stems from the French créole, from Portuguese crioulo, associated the Portuguese verb criar, to lift, from Latin creare, meaning produce.

If Connor was born in 1518, and this dialog was in 1536, then Connor is only 18 years old, which means that the “twenty years” expression was a slight exaggeration by a personality, which happens in actual life. The low flying aircraft within the ultimate scene was a Sepecat Jaguar T2 belonging to 226 Operational Conversion Unit primarily based at R.A.F. Lossiemouth. This unit is incorrectly listed within the ultimate credits because the “Jaguar Fighter Wing, R.A.F. Lossiemouth”. The Jaguar is definitely a floor attack plane and never a fighter. 226 O.C.U. was a coaching unit used to coach pilots to fly the Jaguar.

The Kurgan was generally recognized as the Knight utilizing the alias Carl Smith. Other main features had been later modified during re-writes. In the draft, Connor is said to have had thirty-seven. And Pennsylvania within the current day, somewhat than New York City. William Franzen & Sons- W F & S MIL marking on base of amber beer bottle. L.G.CO.export-style beer bottle, typical mark as seen on Lindell Glass Company, St. Louis product.

It is fascinating that the original Greek which means and derivation of the food plan – course of life – relates so strongly to the fashionable concept that ‘we’re what we eat’, and that food regimen is so carefully linked to how we feel and behave as people. The fashionable diet word now resonates clearly with its true original that means. Bury the hatchet – comply with stop arguing or feuding – though pre-dated by a British model now much much less popular, ‘bury the hatchet’ is from the native American Indian customized, as required by their spirit gods, of burying all weapons out of sight while smoking the peace pipe. ‘Bury the hatchet’ came into use first within the US in the late 1700s and was quickly adopted in Britain, where according to Partridge it was pre-dated by the earlier expression ‘grasp up the hatchet’. ‘Bury the hatchet’ maybe not surpisingly became much more well-liked than the much less dramatic Britsh model. Hatchet is a really old word, that means axe, and probaby derived from Old German happa for scythe or sickle.



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