Libertarian Spawns Feral Hog Meme As Twitter Debates Gun Management


We look intently at two memetic moments in particular. The most popular was the “30–50 feral hogs” meme, which started after a weekend of mass shootings in the United States in August 2019. His question swiftly went viral and has impressed countless memes. The term “feral hogs” is trending on Twitter after a user used them to defend assault weapons.

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Glad we could clear the thriller of the hog meme up. It began an enormous argument over gun ownership within the US. His Twitter account is mainly all we learn about him, other than he’s going through a hog problem and he’s a “Husband / Father / Christian / Libertarian / @WCU Alum / & Fan of Pearl Jam & Red Sox,” according now we don t have time to unpack all of that to his bio. Twitter reacted in peak Twitter form—with jokes on jokes on jokes. As extra folks made wisecracks about the tweet’s specificity, extra joined in till it was type of tough to pinpoint what exactly sparked this pig renaissance in the first place.

These memetic moments also show how social media areas like Twitter could be “networked publics”. These are on-line spaces generated by consumer engagement with their own rules and methods of surfacing and responding that do not at all times play by the principles of the platform’s algorithms. We studied these “memetic moments” to grasp how memes emerge rapidly and spontaneously in response to key social events. We found they move even quicker than we had thought, sometimes emerging, spreading wildly, and beginning to dissolve in less than a day.

The memes, due to this fact, are absurd responses to what was an absurd response in its own proper. They are – or were to start with, a minimum of – additionally basically political. The tweet began to unfold the following day as different Twitter customers started to make enjoyable of it. User @lib_crusher tweeted sarcastically, “Hate when feral hogs run into my yard as my kids play, forcing me to dual wield AR-15s as I mow them down,” gaining over 730 retweets and 4,200 likes . When you went on Twitter today, you may need felt like you had been lacking a joke.



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