Email Marketing


Email Marketing

Email marketing is not just sending an email to a list of customers and waiting for them to call you! It is much more than that, it is to excite through words, provoking a need and a desire to buy in the person who opens our email. It is to create a call to action; to visit our website, to call us, to come to our store, to buy our products.

The advantages of email marketing campaigns is the ease of measuring results in real time, users when opening, clicking on even the time they remain reading the e-mailing are indicators to know whether the campaign is having optimal results or not.

It should be borne in mind that the results expected will be difficult to achieve in a first attempt, since this type of campaign is long term.

How does email marketing help?

  • It helps to keep in touch with customers
  • It helps to provide you with news and updates
  • It helps to position the brand in your top of mind
  • It helps to get feedback
  • It helps to generate engagement
  • It helps to develop content marketing strategies